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Opera Omnia quae Extant, ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria
1 ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria Opera Omnia quae Extant
1698 Leather Book 3 Large folio volumes, 27.8 x 42.5cm. Paris, France 
Montfaucons Monumental Greek & Latin Edition of Athanasius Works, 2 vols bound in 3, large folios, Paris, 1698

ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria. Opera Omnia quae Extant vel qua ejus nomine Circumferuntur, Ad mss. codices Gallicanos, Vaticanos, &c. necnon ad Commelinianas lectiones castigata, multis aucta: nova interpretatione, Prafationibus, Notis, variis lectionibus illustrata: nova Sancti Doctoris vita Onomastico, & copiosissimis Indicibus locupletata. Opera & studio Monachorum Ordinis S. Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. Tomi Primi pars Prima. [woodcut fleur-de-lys within wreath printer's device] Parisiis, Sumptibus Joannis Anisson Typographia Regia Directoris. M.DC.XCVIII. [1698] Cum Privilegio Regis. 3 Large folio volumes, 27.8 x 42.5cm.

3 vols bound full leather with raised bands, gilt morocco title and volume labels but lacking two of the title labels, corners chipped from one volume label, the one remaining title label has the left fifth of the label chipped away, volumes sometime rebacked but with leather again split along all hinges, vol. 1 pt. 1 front cover attached by 3 of 6 cord and rear cover by 5 cords, vol. 1 pt 2 front cover attached by 4 cords and rear cover by 4 cords, vol. 2 all 6 cords still attached, leather rubbed and scuffed with small check marks in surface of leather, spine ends chipped away, worn through leather at corners, red page edges, light dampstains scattered in places along the bottom margin of vol. 1, 19th century library bookplate on front paste-down endpapers, small green-blue 19th century bookseller's tag of "J. Leslie 58 Great Queen Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London. Libraries purchased." Light soiling of first title page, light foxing. Woodcut head & tailpieces.

Collation, Vol. 1: (2) unsigned leaves, *4, **2, a-f4, a-x4, A-Z4, Aa-Zz4, AAa-ZZz4, AAaa-LLll4, MMmm3; title leaf, MMmm2, NNnn-ZZzz4, AAAaa-ZZZzz4, AAAaaa-ZZZzzz4, AAAAaaa-ZZZZzzz4, AAAAaaaa-CCCCcccc4, DDDDdddd-LLLLllll2. Vol. 2: a-b4, A-Z4, Aa-Cc4, Dd-Zz2, AAa-ZZz2, AAAa-ZZzz2, AAAaa-ZZZzz2, AAAaaa-ZZZzzz2, AAAAaaa-XXXXxxx2, ZZZZzzz4, AAAAaaaa-CCCCcccc4, DDDDdddd2. Pagination, Vol. I: (1) half-title page, (1) blank, (1) title, (1) blank,(5) epistola, (7) contents, [i]-xlvii prefatio, (1) blank, [i]-clxv Vita S. Athanasii, (1) errata tomi I., clxvii-clxvii in duos contra gentes, [1]-645 text, (1) blank; (1) title, (1) blank, 645-646 monitum..., (1) title, (1) blank. [647]-1295, (48) indexes, (1) blank. Vol. II: (1) title, (1) blank, [iii]-[x] præfatio, (6) contents etc., [1]-742, (33) indexes etc., (1) blank. LACKING THE PORTRAIT facing the title of Vol. I. Nice map of Egypt facing p. xlii of Vol. I.

This work was edited by Bernard de Montfaucon 1655-1741, French scholar and critic. He was called to Paris in 1687 to work on editions of Athanasius and Chrysostom. "Athanasius Opera Omnia, still the best edition of that Father, was issued with a biography and critical notes in 1698."--Ency. Britannica, 11th ed., 18:780. "The monumental edition of the works of St. Athanasius on which he laboured with Dom Pouget and Dom Lopin, appeared in 1698 and was well received (3 vols., folio, Paris, reproduced in P.G., XXV-XXVIII)... The thoroughly scientific bent of Montfaucon's mind led him to elaborate a new auxiliary science out of the studies he had made for the verification of his Greek texts... Montfaucon was the father of Greek palæography, the principles of which he established by the rigour of his method in grouping his personal observations."--Catholic Ency. (c1911) X:540.

Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria (circa 296-373) "By his refusal to compromise with Arianism, he incurred the enmity of the powerful Arianizing party in the reigns of Constantine and Constantius." During his turbulent career he was deposed and banished 5 times. "Before c.318, while still in his twenties, he wrote two short treatises, the second of them the famous `De Incarnatione'...As bishop he was the greatest and most consistent theological opponent of Arianism. From 339 to 359 he wrote a series of works in defence of the faith proclaimed at Nicaea--viz. the true deity of God the Son--both meeting the Arians in theological controversy and exposing the tricks of their ecclesiastical politics. From about 361 onwards he especially sought the reconciliation of the large semi-Arian party to the Nicene term homoousios (`of one substance'), which they were reluctant to accept. The Council of Alexandria (362), under his direction, greatly furthered this end... He was also concerned to uphold the deity of the Holy Spirit and the full manhood of Christ against Macedonian and Apollinarian tendencies. As the friend of the monks Pachomius and Serapion, and the biographer of Antony, he aided the ascetic movement in Egypt and he was the first to introduce knowledge of monasticism to the West. His resolute character as well as his theology was the outstanding obstacle to the triumph of Arianism in the East."--Cross: Oxford Dict. Christian Church, p99.
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2 HERZOG Real-Encyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie und Kirche.
1877-1888 2nd Edition Bound brown leather spine and corners with black coated paper over boards, leather rubbed at edges, 5 volumes chipped top of spine, black coated paper chipped along some bottom edges and along some of the edges where it overlaps the spine leather, gray endpapers foxing, occasional light foxing, otherwise contents clean. (Shipping weight: 52 lbs) book Octavo, 18 volumes Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung 
Real-Encyklopadie fur protestantische Theologie und Kirche. Unter Mitwirkung vieler protestantischer Theologen und Gelehrten in zweiter durchgangig verbesserter und vermehrter Auflage herausgegeben von D. J. J. Herzog und D. G. L. Plitt. Leipzig, J. C. Hinrichs'sche Buchhandlung, 1877-1888, 18 vols. octavo.

Bound brown leather spine and corners with black coated paper over boards, leather rubbed at edges, 5 volumes chipped top of spine, black coated paper chipped along some bottom edges and along some of the edges where it overlaps the spine leather, gray endpapers foxing, occasional light foxing, otherwise contents clean. (Shipping weight: 52 lbs)

The first edition of the Real-Encyklopadie was published 1853-1868 as a "reply to the challenge of the Roman Catholic scholars engaged upon the Kirchenlexikon oder Encyklopadie der katholischen Theologie (1846-1860)...." The Realencyklopadie was edited by Johann Jakaob Herzog (1805-1882) a German Reformed theologian, and professor at Lausanne, Halle & Erlangen. "In 1877 the first volume of the second edition of `Herzog' appeared, edited by Professor Herzog with the assistance of his colleague in the theological faculty in Erlangen, Gustav Leopold Plitt (1836-80). On Plitt's death, Herzog called in another colleague, Albert Hauck (1845- ), the professor of church history, who survived him and brought the work to its triumphant close in 1888 in eighteen volumes, including index. In the spring of 1896 appeared the first part of the third edition of `Herzog' with Hauck, who meanwhile had gone to Leipsic as professor of church history, as sole editor." The English New Schaff-Herzog Ency. of Religious Knowledge was based on the third edition of the Realencyklopadie. Samuel Macauley Jackson, speaking of the English New Schaff-Herzog, says, "This encyclopedia presents in a condensed and modified form that great body of Protestant learning called the Realencyklopädie..., edited by Professor Albert Hauck..., the famous church historian of Germany."--all quotes above from New Schaff-Herzog Ency Rel. Knowl., I:ix-x. We offer the Second Edition of this dated, but still useful & valuable work. 
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The Genuine Epistles of St. Ignatius, IGNATIUS, Saint, Bishop of Antioch.
3 IGNATIUS, Saint, Bishop of Antioch. The Genuine Epistles of St. Ignatius
1708 Book 10.3 x 16.6 x 2cm Edinburgh 
Wake's English Translation of The Genuine Epistles of St. Ignatius, Edinburgh, 1708

IGNATIUS, Saint, Bishop of Antioch. The Genuine Epistles of St. Ignatius, Translated into English By W. Wake D.D. Printed at Lond. in 1693. As Also, A Vindication of Them By Lewis Ellies Du Pin Dr. of the Sorbon, both put together, and Re-printed at Edinburgh in 1708. To which is Added, A Short Answer To Mr. William Jameson's Nazianzeni Querela, where he Impugns the Authority of the foresaid Epistles. By R. C.[Robert Calder] Edinburgh Printed Anno 1708. 10.3 x 16.6 x 2cm. $215.00

"The author of following Epistles lived in the age of the Apostles. He was the disciple and friend of the Apostle St. John, by whom he was instructed in the doctrines of the gospel. He was the companion and correspondent of St. Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna; and became Bishop of the church at Antioch, about thirty-seven years after the ascension of the Lord. And finally, having labored in the ministry for the space of forty years, he suffered martyrdom at Rome, by order of the emperor Trajan, A.D. 116. These considerations confer eminent value and authority upon his Epistles--which, by comparison, will be seen also to harmonize with the spirit and doctrines of those written by the Apostles."--Introduction to The Epistles of St. Ignatius, Troy, NY, 1834.

The translator of The Genuine Epistles of St. Ignatius was William Wake (1657-1737) Archbishop of Canterbury. "Alongside his commitment to pastoral work, Wake hankered after a life of scholarly retreat. During a period of convalescence after illness he produced a translation of the Genuine Epistles of the Apostolic Fathers, which was published in 1693. Although reprinted twice, this was not a work of original scholarship but of popularization, making available to English readers texts which helped to demonstrate that the Church of England `in all respects comes the nearest up to the primitive pattern of any Christian Church at this Day in the World' (Genuine Epistles, vi)."--Stephen Taylor, `Wake, William (1657-1737)', Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004; online edn, Oct 2008 [http://www.oxforddnb.com/view/article/28409, accessed 19 May 2016].

The editor/compiler of the entire work, Robert Calder (1658-1723) "was a minister of much note in the Episcopal Church of Scotland."--Allibone's Dict. of Authors. Calder was a persistent foe of the Church of Scotland and fought with numerous anti-Presbyterian works and pamphlets in which he repeatedly expounded the superiority of the episcopalians' claims to scriptural and historical authority for their government and worship.

Written on the verso of the front flyleaf (original): "One of the late Dr. Balfeins[?] Books Purchased at the Sale." Name written on title that might be "Laurlhill ___?" Another word written at the top of the title.

Recently rebound in nice leather spine with orange-red morocco title label, yellow/mauve/greens/white marbled paper over boards, new endpapers, light foxing but a bit darker on original front flyleaf and title as well as the last leaf, dampstain top 2cm of title. Collation: a4, b2, *4, A-M4, A-F4, A-F4, G2. A mis-signed A2. Online ESTC Citation No. T55170.
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Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibus..., LAURENTIUS,GASPAR.
4 LAURENTIUS,GASPAR. Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibus...
1654 Editio Nova Bound full vellum Good book Quarto, 17.2 x 22.8 x 4.8cm Geneva, Switzerland 
“This rare and valuable book”–Philip Schaff:
Gaspar Laurentius' work on the Creeds of Christendom, Geneva, 1654

LAURENTIUS, GASPAR. Corpvs et Syntagma Confessionvm Fidei qvae in Diversis Regnis et Nationibvs, Ecclesiarvm nomine fuerunt authenticé editæ: in celeberrimis Conuentibus exhibitæ, publicáque auctoriatate comprobatæ. Qvibvs Annectitvf, in omnibvs Christianæ Religionis Articulis, Catholicvs Consensvs, ex Sententiie Veterum, qui Patres vocantur, desumptus. Confessionvm Envermerationem et Harmoniam atzue huius Catholici Veterum cum illis Consensus, ordinem indicant paginæ singularum partium huius Syntagmatis, in Tres Partes distributi. Edito Nova, In qua quid præstitum sit, odcet pagina sequens. [Woodcut device depicting winged angel with foot on skeleton at foot of cross] Genevæ, Sumptibus Petri Chouët. M.DC.LIV. [1654]. Quarto, 17.2 x 22.8 x 4.8cm. $375.00

Bound full vellum, vellum soiled, faded hand-written title, number 14 written top of spine, 19th century browned paper tag near bottom of spine, red page edges, 19th century library bookplate on front paste-down endpaper, A2 & A3 with folds along bottom margin--not trimmed to length with the rest of the book and stick down below the trim line if not folded, contents quite clean with scattered foxing, a small and light dampstain on the lower outside corner of some pages. Woodcut head & tail-pieces; woodcut initial letters.

Collation: ¶1, A2-3 [these two leaves belong with A1 & A4 that appear after Cc4--with the catchword & contents matching between this A3 and the A4 occuring after CC4], ¶2-4, ¶¶4, ¶¶¶4, ¶¶¶¶4, title leaf, [note: between this title leaf & this A, belong the A2-3 that are bound in after Cc4 below] A4 only, B-Z, Aa-Cc4, A1, A2-3 [these two leaves belong after ¶¶¶¶4 and title leaf, and in their place belong the A2-3 that appear right after the general title, as noted above], a4, B-T4, V3, X-Z4, Aa-Ii4, Kk3, a-h4, *4, A-Z4, Aa-Ff4, Dd1-2.

Pagination: (1) title, [2]-6, (30), 1-202; [1]-8, [9](mis-printed 6)-255, (1) blank, (6) indexes; [1]-64; (8), 1-232, (4) indexes.

I quote Philip Schaff who describes this work and gives a summary of its contents. Schaff lists it as the second work (after the Harmonia Confesssion Fidei Orthodixarum, et Reformatarum Ecclesiarum) under the headings: The Reformed Confessions; Literature; I. Collections of Reformed Symbols, in his Creeds of Christendom, I:354-55. "The first edition of this rare and valuable book was probably compiled by Gaspar Laurentius, who is not named on the title-page, but who signs himself in the dedicatory Epistle to Elector Frederick III. of the Palatinate, before the 'Orthodox Consensus' (in Part III.), and says, in the 'General Preface,' that he edited this Consensus a. 1595, and now (1612) in a much improved form. His object was the same as that of the Harmony, viz., to show the essential unity of the evangelical faith in the multiplicity and variety of Confessions which, as the Preface says, in the absence of conspiracy, only strengthen the harmony, and mutually illustrate and supplement each other, like many orthodox expositions of the Scriptures. The second edition, of which I have a copy, is a large quarto volume, consisting of three main parts, the several documents being paged separately. It contains the principal Reformed Confessions down to the Synod of Dort, three Lutheran Confessions, and several other documents, as follows: 1. The Harmonia sive Concordantia Confessionum Fidei per (xiii.) Articulos digesta, with the Symbolum Apostolicum, as the basis of a general consensus, supported by Scripture texts and references to the various Confessions of the collection (8 pp.); 2. Confessio Helvetica posterior, reprinted from a Zurich edition of 1651: 3. Confessio Helvetica prior (or Basileensis II.), 1536; 4. Confessio Basileensis I. (or Mylhusiana), 1532; 5. Confessio Gallica, from the Latin edition of 1566; 6. Confessio Anglicana, 1562; 7. Confessio Scotica of 1560, and the second of 1580; 8. Confessio Ecclesiarum Belgicarum, 1559; 9. Confessio Czengerina, the Hungarian Confession, 1570; 10. Confessio Polonica, or Consensus Poloniæ (Sendomirensis) 1570; 11. Confessio Argentinensis S. Tetrapolitana, 1531; 12. Confessio Angustana, from the Wittenberg edition of 1540; 13. Confessio Saxonica, s. Misnica, 1551; 14. Confessio Wirtembergica, 1552; 15. Confessio Illustrissimi Electoris Palatini, Friderici III., 1576; 16. Confessio Bohemica (the first of the two Bohemian Confessions, which was presented to King Ferdinand in 1535. It contains a Preface by Luther. The second was compiled 1575); 17. Consensus Ecclesiarum Majoris el Minoris Poloniæ, Lithuaniæ, etc., 1583. Appended: Acta et Conclusiones Synodi Generalis Thoruniensis; 18. Articuli Confessionis Basileensis of the year 1647; 19. Canones Synodi Dordrechtanæ, 1619; 20. Confessio Cyrilli Patriarchæ Constantinop., 1631; 21. Catholicus Consensus, viz., A Harmony of Christian Doctrine, compiled from the Scriptures and the writings of the Fathers, under the following heads: (a) On the Word of God as the Rule of Faith; (b) On God, the Trinitarian and Christological Doctrines; (c) On Divine Providence; (d) On the Head of the Church; (e) On Justification; (f) On Free Will, Original Sin, Election and Predestination; (g) On the Sacraments; (h) On Idolatry, the Worship of Images, etc.; (i) On the True Way of Worshiping and Serving God; (k) On the Church and the Ministry; (l) Resurrection and the Future State."
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Opera Quaecumque Extant.  Provdevnt nvnc Primvm Studio Joannis Garneri, MARIUS MERCATOR
5 MARIUS MERCATOR Opera Quaecumque Extant. Provdevnt nvnc Primvm Studio Joannis Garneri
1673 Leather Book Folio, 25 x 37.7cm Paris, France 
Marius Mercator, fl. 418-449; Latin Christian writer probably of African birth; friend & disciple of Augustine. "One of the most important sources for our knowledge of Nestorius's writings." Opera: First Collected Edition, Paris, 1673

MARIUS MERCATOR. Opera Quæcumque Extant. Provdevnt nvnc Primvm Studio Joannis Garnerii Societatis Jesu Presbyteri, Qui Notas etiam ac Dissertationes addidit. [12x12cm engraved device bordered by a snake eating its tail, two egrets fighting over a small snake and below a rural countryside] Parisiis, Apud Sebastianum Mabre-Cramoisy, Regis Typographum, viâ Jacobæâ, sub Ciconiis. M.DC.LXXIII. [1673] Cum Privilegio Regis Christianissimi. Folio, 25 x 37.7cm. $575.00

Marius Mercator (fl. 418-449) "A Latin Christian writer, probably of African birth. A friend and disciple of St. Augustine, he wrote c.418 at Rome against Pelagius. Some ten years later, when in Constantinople, perhaps as the agent of Pope Celestine (422-432) he again wrote in defence of orthodoxy this time attacking both Nestorians and Pelagians. A collection of his writings, compiled about 100 years after his time, has survived in a Vatican MS. (Cod. Vat. Pal. 234). It consists largely of Mercator's translations of and replies to Nestorius's writings, made (acc. to E. Schwartz) for the Latin-speaking monks of Thrace, and is one of the most important sources for our knowledge of Nestorius's doctrines. Writings ed. [by] J. Garnier, J.J. (Paris 1673; repr. in J. P. Migne, PL, xlviii), on the basis of a Beauvais MS., since lost."--Cross: Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, (1963) p.858. "Nevertheless, his writings and literal translations are of permanent value for the history of the Pelagian and Nestorian controversies, inasmuch as not a few of the weightiest of the original documents are preserved exclusively through him."--G. Krüger in New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Religious Knowledge, VII:182. We offer the first collected edition of Marius' works.

Bound full calf with raised bands and gilt spine, 7 x 9 cm oval gilt emblematic design in center of each cover, most of leather of top spine panel chipped away, bottom third of bottom spine panel chipped away, leather split and chipped along hinges but covers are still firmly attached by the 6 cords, worn through leather at corners, rubbed & scuffed, red speckled page edges, light to medium foxing--heavier around edges of endpapers and first & last few leaves including the title page, small oval library blind-stamp on title and next two leaves--also on last leaf and rear free endpaper. Nice engraved (copperplate & woodcut) head & tail pieces as well as initial letters. Text mostly set in double columns--some with parallel Greek & Latin text.

Collation: A4, a-d4, e2, A-Hhh4, Iii-Lll2; 1 blank leaf, a-f4, g6, A-Zz4, Aaa2. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (5) Epistola, (1) catchword, i-xxxiii Præfatio Generalis, (3) Index Auctorum, (1) half-title, (1) blank, 3-433, (11) Index Materiarum + errata, (2) blank, (1) half-title, (1) blank, iii-lx Præfatio, (1) half-title, (1) blank, 3-364, (2) Index Auctorum, (6) Index Materiarum plus errata. OCLC locates 10 libraries in the U.S. holding this title: U. Calif. Berkeley; Pitts Theol Library Emory U.; Mercer U.; Loyola U. Chicago; U. Chicago; Boston Col.; Seaton Hall U.; Brown U.; Calif. State Libr.; Univ. Minn. Also 4 libraries in the Netherlands, 6 in the U.K. and one in Australia. Binding size: 25.7 x 38.8 x 6.8cm.

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History of the Church Under the Old Testament, From the Creation o, MILLAR
6 MILLAR History of the Church Under the Old Testament, From the Creation o
MILLAR, ROBERT. The History of the Church Under the Old Testament, From the Creation of the World: Wherein Also The Affairs and Learning of Heathen Nations before the Birth of Christ, and the State of the Jews from the Babylonish Captivity to the present Time are particularly considered. To which is subjoined, A Discourse to promote the Conversion of the Jews to Christianity. By Mr. Robert Millar Minister of the Gospel in Paisley. Edinburgh, Printed by Mr. Thomas and Walter Ruddimans, M.D.CC.XXX. [1730] Folio. Bound leather spine and corners with marbled paper over boards, black morocco title label, leather split along hinges but sometime repaired with new endpapers so that the hinges are now tight, spine ends chipped away, worn through leather at corners, rubbed & scuffed, marbled paper worn through finish, 3cm diameter piece marbled paper torn from back cover, front paste-down endpaper with heavy foxing, title page tattered a bit at bottom edge and with old repairs to corners and two tears, a few small tears scattered in text, dampstain on outer margin of first 75 pages, light to medium foxing. Collation: a-c2, A-Ooooooo2, Ppppppp1; A-N1, O1. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [iii]-iv dedication, v-viii preface, ix-xi subscribers, xii(only) contents, 1-610pp text; 1-27 Discourse...Conversion of the Jews, (1) blank, 29-41 Chronological Table, 42-54 index. ESTC Online Citation No. T129555 with 12 libraries in the UK and 4 in N. America. OCLC adds 1 library in UK and 4 in N. America. Robert Millar, 1672-1752, "apologist and historian... Millar was the author of two essays in historical apologetics, A History of the Propagation of Christianity (2 vols, E, 1723) and A History of the Church under the Old Testament (E, 1730). In both, as an apologetic 
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7 PIANA, GEORGE LA. Tombs of Peter and Paul ad Catacubas.
1920 Paperbound in printed paper covers rubbed and corners and spine ends, a few light stains on front cover and pencil and green pencil numbers, contents clean. Octavo. 
PIANA, GEORGE LA. The Tombs of Peter and Paul ad Catacumbas. Reprinted from The Harvard Theological Review, Volume XIV, January, 1920. Octavo.

Paperbound in printed paper covers, rubbed and corners and spine ends, a few light stains on front cover and pencil and green pencil numbers, contents clean. 53-94pp.; endnotes, 3 plans printed in text. 
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8 RICCIOTTI Julian the Apostate. Translated by M. Joseph Costelloe, S.J.
1960 Bound green cloth, bottom two corners bumped, lightly rubbed, bookplate, worn and rubbed dust jacket with a few small tears in edges. Octavo Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. 
RICCIOTTI, GIUSEPPE. Julian the Apostate. Translated by M. Joseph Costelloe, S.J. Milwaukee, Bruce Pub. Co. (c1960) octavo.

Bound green cloth, bottom two corners bumped, lightly rubbed, bookplate, worn and rubbed dust jacket with a few small tears in edges. x, 275pp; bibliography, index. family tree, 4 maps.
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