Purchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions Observed in all Ages and Places discouered....


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Early North America History Including Florida, Virginia, & New France: Purchas His Pilgrimage, London, 1614

PURCHAS, SAMUEL. Purchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions Observed in all Ages and Places discouered, from the Creation unto this Present. Second Edition, of the First Part (Of Fower Intended) Much Enlarged with Additions through the whole worke. Containing a Theologicall and Geographicall Historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the Ilands Adiacent. Declaring the Ancient Religions before the Flovd, the Heathnish, Jewish, and Saracenicall in all Ages since, in those parts professed, with their seuerall Opinions, Idols, Oracles, Temples, Priests, Fasts, Feasts, sacrifices, and Rites Religious: Their beginnings, Proccedings, Alterations, Sects, Orders and Successions. With briefe Descriptions of the Countries, Nations, States, Discoueries; Priuate and Publike Customes, and most Remarkable Rarities of Nature, or humane Industrie, in the same. By Samvel Pvrchas, Minister at Estwood in Essex. Vnus Devs, una Veritas. London, Printed by William Stansby for Henrie Fetherstone, and are to be sold at his Shop in Pauls Church-yard at the Signe of the Rose. 1614. Small quarto, 19.2 x 28.5 x 6.1cm (binding).

Samuel Purchas (1577?-1626). "A Learned English divine, and compiler of a valuable collection of travels... educated at Cambridge. In 1604 he was instituted vicar of Eastwood in Essex, but, leaving the cure of it to his brother, removed to London, the better to carry on the great work he had undertaken. He published the first volume in 1613, and the four last in 1625... His Pilgrimages, and the learned Hackluyt's Voyages, led the way to all other collections of that kind, and have been justly valued and esteemed."--McClintock & Strong: Cycl Bibl Theol & Eccl Lit., VIII:794. This volume, though published first in 1613, in its 4th edition of 1626, always accompanies and forms the 5th volume of the authors 4 volume work published in 1625. Sabin: Dict. Books Relating to America #66680. This work "is an entirely different work from his larger collection of 'Pilgrimes," of which the fourth edition of this forms a fifth or supplementary volume. The distinction between the two works is explained by the author himself in the dedication prefixed to the fourth edition of the 'Pilgrimage' in the following words: 'I had pleased his Majestie to enquire further into the different scope of my Pilgrimage, & my then presented Pilgrims, which here also for the Reader's sake I think fit to answer; that These Brethren holdin much resemblance in name, nature and feature, yet differ both in object and subject: This being mine owne in matter (though borrowed) and in some of words and method. Whereas my Pilgrims are the Authors themselves, acting their owne parts in their owne words, onely furnished by me with such necessaries as that stage further required, and ordered according to my rules,' etc. The following parts relate to America: 'Relations of the Discoveries, Regions and Religions, of the New World. Of New France, Virginia, Florida; New Spaine, with other Regions of America, Mexicana, and of their Regions, and Religions, of the New World. Of Cvmana, Gviana, Brasil, Chica, Chilli, Perv, And other regions of America, Pervviana, and of their Religions.'"--quote from Sabin #66678. We offer the second edition, with an enlarged chapter on America.

Bound early leather, sometime rebacked in green leather with original red morocco title label pasted over, original boards heavily worn through leather at all edges and corners, later endpapers and strip of paper over inside hinges, bookplate and signature of an Anna Murphy, title remounted, a few insect holes near edges of title, title soiled, tears in second leaf with old repair as well as three 1cm holes in inner margin, dampstain in outer margin of most leaves.

Collation: ?6, A8, B-Kkkk6. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (4) epistle dedicatorie, (5) to the reader, (1) [notices], (7) contents, (1) black, (8) authors etc, 1-918 text, (23) the table, (1) errata. STC 20506. The second edition after the first of 1613. Online ESTC cit. no. S111828 with 17 libraries in the U.K, and in the U.S.: Amer. Mus. Natural Hist.; Boston Public; Folger Shakespeare (twice); Huntington, Art...; NY Pub. Lib.; Newberry Lib.; U. Penn.

Title: Purchas his Pilgrimage. Or Relations of the World and the Religions Observed in all Ages and Places discouered....


Illustrator: London


Publisher: 1614

Binding: Bound early leather, sometime rebacked

Type: Book

Size: Small quarto, 19.2 x 28.5 x 6.1cm (binding).

Book Number: 16742

Keywords: 17th Century Books, Americana, Church History, Geography, Religions, Travel Accounts, Africa, South America, North America, French Canada, Canada, Virginia, Florida, Mexico, New Spain, Brazil, Chile, Peru