An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness.


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Samuel Hopkins' An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness, 2nd Edition, NY, 1791 A work that explained his influential doctrine of disinterested benevolence.

HOPKINS, SAMUEL. An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness. By Samuel Hopkins, D.D. Pastor of the first Congregational Church in Newport. Newport--Printed. New-York:--Re-printed For M. Smith and C. Davis, by William Duell, No. 19, Queen-Street. MDCCXCI. [1791]. Duodecimo, 10.2 x 15.5cm page block; 10.5 x 15.9 x 2.8cm binding. $375.00

Samuel Hopkins (1721-1803) New England theologian. "Hopkins is chiefly remembered, however, for his profound influence on New England theology. The pupil and intimate friend of Jonathan Edwards, he carried the principles of the New Divinity to their logical conclusions. This he did in a fashion so complete and acceptable to large numbers of thinking men of his day that his school of thought was called "Hopkinsianism," and its philosophy, which quickened the spiritual life of New England, largely prevailed until different modes of thinking discredited its premises and antiquated its methods. He was the first of the New England theologians to form his teachings into a closely articulated scheme, and his System of Doctrines Contained in Divine Revelation, is the presentation of the matured thought which he had preached and written in pamphlets during his long life. He taught that a sovereign God does all things for his own glory and the greatest happiness of the whole; sin and evil are the occasion of great good as through his dealings with them the Deity displays his divine justice and mercy. ...the `system' as a whole, with its teaching of disinterested benevolence as the supreme motive of the individual, was of great ethical value, and its conception of a universe steadily set towards the greatest happiness of all had real spiritual grandeur..."--Dict. of Amer. Biography, IX:218. "In 1773 he published An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness, a work that explained his influential doctrine of disinterested benevolence. He defined true holiness as radical selflessness; ultimately, he argued, a truly virtuous person ought to be willing to be damned, if necessary, for the glory of God and the good of humankind. He also began to see the connection between disinterested benevolence and the antislavery cause, and in 1776 he published A Dialogue Concerning the Slavery of the Africans. Hopkins described slavery as a sin, claimed that British attacks on American liberty were providential punishment for the oppression of blacks, and insisted that the revolutionary cause would not prosper until freedom was extended to slaves. Thus, in the Dialogue and other works Hopkins linked the Revolution and slavery in a providential framework that was one of the central religious elements in the first major antislavery movement in America..."--Joseph Conforti, . "Hopkins, Samuel";; American National Biography Online Feb. 2000. Access Date: Apr 13 2017.

Overbound in slightly later full sheep, covers box-ruled with double fillet enclosed within box-rule of wide single fillet, same fillets form 3 spine panels, top 1cm of front hinge split, rubbed and scuffed, lacking free and paste-down endpapers, dark water stain in top outside corner of first 70 pages, light to medium foxing with first and last few pages heavier, 1.2cm worm track on bottom outside corner of title page, slightly larger worm track in last leaf and extending as a hole into the previous 6 leaves, .9cm hole in margin of p.10, 1.3 x .5cm hole in edge of p.107, some dog-ears.

Written on verso of title page: "No. 3 Nathaniel Paige" and "Elizabeth Paige Book 1816"

Collation: 6 unsigned leaves [i.e., A1-6], B-V6, W-X4. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (iii)-vii preface, p.[viii] contents, [9]-218pp, (1)p. extract from Edwards, (1) blank. Evans: Amer. Bibliography 23448. 2nd Edition.

Title: An Inquiry into the Nature of True Holiness.


Illustrator: New York


Publisher: 1791

Binding: Leather

Type: Book

Size: . Duodecimo, 10.2 x 15.5cm page block; 10.5 x 15

Book Number: 17913

Keywords: 18th Century Books, Leather Bindings, Americana, American Church History, Calvinism, Congregationalism, Holiness, American Theology, New England Theology, Revivalism