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  • Rupert of Deutz' Commentary on the Minor Prophets, Louvain, 1567, RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz.
  • Rupert of Deutz' Commentary on the Minor Prophets, Louvain, 1567, RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz.
  • Rupert of Deutz' Commentary on the Minor Prophets, Louvain, 1567, RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz.

Author Name    RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz.

Title   Rupert of Deutz' Commentary on the Minor Prophets, Louvain, 1567

Binding   Vellum

Book Condition   Good

Type   Book

Size   Folio

Highlights    1566, 1567

Location Published   Louvain, Belgium

Book Number   15971

Four titles by Rupert of Deutz:
Commentary on the Minor Prophets, Louvain, 1567
Commentary on the Song of Songs, Cologne, 1566
A Work on the Incarnation, Louvain, 1566
Exposition of the Ecclesiastical Year, Cologne, 1566.

Re the doctrine of the real presence in the Eucharist, both Rupert & Matin Luther were accused of holding the doctrine of impanation by the Roman Catholics. Rupert treats of this in his De Divinis Officiis, included in this collection.

RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz. Rvperti Abbatis Tvitiensis, Svmmi, Disertissimiqve Theologi, Sacris Dvmtaxat omni probantis, in XII. prophetas minores Commentariorum libri XXXII. ex veris primiscz originalibus, iterum atcz iterum recogniti, atque nunc tandem cum adnotationum ac scripturarum locis fideliter æditi. [7.8 x 11cm Arnold Birckman woodcut device with chicken & tree] Lovanii, Excudebat Seyuatius Sassennus, Expensis Viduæ, Arnoldi Birkmanni, Anno a Christo nato, M.D. LXVII. [1567] [Colophon dated 1551]. Cum gratia & Priuilegio. Folio. $1,200.00
Collation: **1-6, A-Z6, AA-KK6, MM4, NN6. Recto of last leaf blank, verso of the same with Birckman's woodcut device (6.3 x 9.1cm). (6) initial leaves then 213 numbered leaves followed by the final leaf, or (440)pp. Woodcut initial letters. Colophon reads: Impressa sunt nunc demum ex integro luculentissima Ruperti abbatis Tuitiensis, summi Theologi, summique viri in duodecim Prophetas minores Commentaria. Quæ ante annos quadringentos, posteris diligenter reuoluenda consecraauit. Impensis Viduæ Arnoldi Birckman. Anno Domini, M.D.L.I. Louanii.
OCLC locates 3 libraries in Spain with the 1567 edition, with only the U. Barcelona description mentioning the 1551 colophon,(Adams 938). 3 libraries locate the 1551 edition (Adams 937): St. Vincent Col.; Newberry Libr.; Nukat Union Catalog of Polish Libr.

RUPERT OF DEUTZ (c. 1070-1129) an important medieval theologian. "After teaching at Liége and Siegburg, he became abbot of Deutz, near Cologne, c. 1120. His writings include a treatise 'De Divinis Officiis', largely concerned to expound the ecclesiastical year , and several commentaries, notably one on the Twelve Prophets. Against the dialectic methods introduced into theology under the influence of Anselm of Laon and William of Champeauz, Rupert defended the more mystical theology traditional in the Benedictine Order, with its allegorical interpretation of Scripture. In his teaching on the Eucharist he held a doctrine which had affinities with that of Impanation, though it won little acceptance, even among his contemporaries"--Cross: Oxford Dict. Christian Church (1963), p.1188. Impanation was the name given to one of many modifications of the doctrine of the real presence "which arose in oppostion to the doctrine of transubstantiation. Rupert of Deutz is the father of the idea... He explains how God connects the real flesh and blood of Christ with the real brerad and wine in the Eucharist, without disturbing the substance of either... In the Period of the Reformation Carlstadt accused Osiander of holding the view of impanation; and same accusation was preferred by the Romanists in general against Luther, who denied it."--New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Rel. Knowl., V:464.
Essentially an allegorical exegete and a poet, Rupert of Deutz can scarcely be said to possess a formal dogmatic system. Dogmatic problems indeed, are touched on only in the course of his exegesis, and receive varying answers, in consequence of the varying context; and thus it became possible for the most divergent views to be held concerning his actual position. On the other hand, he appealed constantly to the Bible, and to it alone, so that his view of the universe and his concepts of God and of the world must be drawn from his exegesis. He regarded the Bible in all three senses: literal, allegorical, and moral. In each point of his interpretation the Scriptures were present to his vision as a whole, forming for him a single sentence of many clauses, each word, each syllable, each letter of and for the one thought. The whole system of his interpretation centers about Christlology. At the creation the incarnation was already provided for, and the divine command that man should multiply as designed to fill the city of God. In his Christology, moreover, Rupert strongly insisted on the perfect blending of the human and divine natures in Christ; and from his Christology his views concerning the means of grace, especially the Eucharist, become plain....there has been much question whether the eucharistic doctrine of Rupert was orthodox or not, his editor, J. Cochlæus, followed by the Maurists, affirming it, while Bellamine denied it. In the first place, since he regarded the Church as essentially the mystery of the body of Christ, little room was left for the Eucharist... passages may be cited from his writings which seem, at first blush, to imply that he taught that the elements merely represented the body and blood of Christ... The deviations and the inconsistencies of Rupert were those of his age, nor can he be judged by a norm suited neither to him nor his period. It is far more important to know that he was, in his teachings, a mirror of the Church of the twelfth century."--R. Rocholl in New Schaff-Herzog Ency. Rel. Knowl. X:115.
We offer this bound volume of four of his works: 1) Commentary on the Minor Prophets. 2) Commentary on the Song of Songs. 3) A Work on the Incarnation. 4) Exposition of the Ecclesiastical Year.

Descriptions of the remaining 3 titles bound with:

RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz. Rvperti Abbatis Monasterii Tvitiensis Ordinis Sancti Benedicti, Theologi, Antiqvi ac Pane Clarissimi, in Cantica Canticorum, de incarnatione Domini, Commentariorum libri VII. à multis sæculis in hunc vsque diem maximè desiderati, multocq[ue] labore ac sumptu nunc iterum atque iterum excusi. [Birckman's chicken & tree woodcut device, 8.4 x 12cm] Coloniæ Agrippinæ apud hæredes Arnoldi Birkmanni. Anno Salutis 1566. Folio.
Collation: a1-4, a-e6, f-g4; last leaf blank. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (5) index, (1) blank, (3) prologvs, 1-72 commentariorvm, (2) blank. OCLC locates only Emory U. for this 1566 edition. Bound with:

RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz. Rvperti Abbatis Tvitiensis, De Victoria Verbi Dei, Libri Tredecim. [Birckman's chicken & tree woodcut device, 7.7 x 11.2cm] Lovanii. Excudebat Seruatius Sassenus, Expensis Viduæ Arnoldi Birckmanni, Anno à Christo nato, M.D.LXVI. [1566] Cum Gratia & Priuilegio. Folio.
Collation: *4, A-N6; last leaf with device only on verso. (4) preliminary leaves, followed by numbered leaves and (1) device leaf, i.e., (164)pp. Colophon reads: Finiunt hic tredecim libri de victoria verbi Dei, per reuerendum patrem, dominum Rupertum Abbatem Tuyitiensem (qui sub Henrico quinto, Anno Domini, M.C.xxiii. floruit) compositi. OCLC locates Emory Univ, Pitts Theol. Libr.; Lora College; St. Vincent College; and in Europe: Seminari Episcoal (Spain); Universtat TSBibliothek Maoeuchen; Biblioteca Univesitat de Barcelona.
Bound with:

RUPERT, Abbot of Deutz. Rvperti Abbatis Monasterii Tuvitiensis, E Regione Coloniæ Agrippinaæ, Ordinis Sancti Benedicti, viri & vitæ sanctimonia, & sacrarum literarum peritia præckarum De Diuinis Officijs. Libri Duodecim. [Birckman's chicken & tree woodcut device 8.4 x 12cm] Coloniæ Agrippinæ Apud hæredes Arnoldi Birckmanni. Anno Salutis 1566. Folio.
Collation: a1-8, A-P6, Q3; lacking final blank--possibly with the printer's device on it. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, (13) index, (1) blank, (3) epistola, (2) prologvs, 1-181pp. Colophon bottom of p.181 reads: Rvperti Abbatis Tvitiensis, Ante Qvadringgentos annos defuncti, de diuinis officiis, libri duodecim, Apud heredes Arnoldi Birckmanni, iam quartò in lucem editi. 1557. OCLC locates, holding the 1566 edition: Emory Univ; St. Vincent College; and in Spain: Seminari Episcopal; Biblioteca Universitat de Barcelona.

Bound original vellum over boards newly rebacked with vellum spine and corners and red gilt title label, removed tape scars on original vellum hinge edge of covers, soiled and scuffed, author & title written in contemporary hand in large letters on bottom page edges, original paste-down endpapers with small pieces lacking revealing old MSS leaf pasted underneath, new free endpapers, dampstain bottom corner of pages with deterioration of paper for about 2cm on the first dozen leaves, large but light dampstain on top of all pages, pages a bit wavy, light to medium foxing. 3 x 4.7cm oval armorial stamp at bottom of title.

16th Century Books, Biblical Studies, Vellum Bindings, Catholic Church--Roman, Minor Prophets, Impanation, Eucharist, Allegorical Biblical Interpretation

Price = 1200.00 USD

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