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"The Protestant. Essays on the Principal Points of Controversy Between the Church of Rome and the Reformed. By William M'Gavin, Esq. With an Appendix; illustrating Jesuitism; Monarchism; and Popery in America. ""The Mystery of Iniquity!"" Paul. Second American From the Ninth Glasgow Edition. Volume I [& II] "


Price: $100.00

Publisher: Hartford--, Hutchison and Dwier,: 1833 1833

Item Number: 17468

"William McGavin (1773-1832) ""proponent of evangelical Protestantism and religious controversialist...His best known work is The Protestant, a weekly issued at Glasgow 1819-22. Statements in this led to his being tried for libel, successfully, in 1821. His interest in such polemic seems to have come from reading Thomas McCulloch of Nova Scotia. McGavin's work, though prejudiced and narrow, derives its power from a forceful, satirical style.""--J.F... View more info