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Out-lines of a Constitution; Proposed for the Examination, Amendment & Acceptance, of the Members of the Methodist New Itinerancy. By Wm. Thom, and Alex. Kilham, Ministers of the Gospel. Consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds. Judges xix.30. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty. 2 Cor. iii.17.


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Publisher: Leeds:, Printed in 1797. [Price Four-Pence.]: 1797 1797

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" Alexander Kilham (1762-1798) ""one of the most celebrated characters in the history of Methodism, the founder of the `New Connection of Wesleyan Methodists,' frequently called simply `Kilhamites,' and really the first man in the Methodist connection who advocated the representation of the lay element in the government of the Church....At the next Conference [1796], however, he was severely criticised for his assertion of the popular rights, and for the publication of a pamphlet on the Progress of Liberty, in which he urged a distribution of the power of government between the cle... View more info