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A Remonstrance Addressed to the Trustees of Phillips Academy, on the State of the Theological Seminary under their Care; Sept. 1849. By Daniel Dana, D.D.


Price: $45.00

Publisher: Boston:, Press of Crocker and Brewster.: 1853

Item Number: 17057

Condition: Pamphlet, disbound, side-stitched, light tanning of pages, light foxing. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-4 Prefatory Observations, [5]-17 Remonstrance (1849), [18]-20 Additional Remarks (Feb. 15, 1853), [21]-24 Postscript (Feb. 24, 1853).

Quotes from text: "As a member of the Presbyteries of Londonderry, and of Newburyport, I have been called to take part in the examination of some scores of candidates educated in the Seminary. Many of these have appeared well; but the greater part have failed in some essential points; particularly that of native depravity."--p.7. "The present Professor of Christian Theology has, agreeably to the Constitution, solemnly declared and subscribed his assent to the doctrines of the Westminster Assembly's Shorter Catechism, and solemnly engaged to teach them, to the exclusion of all apposing doctri... View more info

Letters to the Rev. Professor Stuart, Comprising Remarks on His Essay of Sin, Published in the American Biblical Repository for April and July, 1839. By Daniel Dana, D.D. Minister of the Gospel in Newburyport.


Price: $55.00

Publisher: Boston:, Printed by Crocker & Brewster, 47, Washington Street.: 1839

Item Number: 17058

Condition: Pamphlet, disbound, side-stitched, light foxing--a little heavier on first and last several pages. Collation: 1-64. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-46pp, (2) blank. American Imprints #39-55246.

Daniel Dana Defends Original Sin Against Moses Stuart, 1839. Daniel Dana (1771-1859) pastor in Newburyport, Ma., and longtime member of the Board of Trustees for Phillips Academy & Andover Theological Seminary, answers Moses Stuart's Essay on Sin. "The object of your Essay seems to be, to disprove and explode the doctrine of original sin, or of native depravity; taking these terms in their ordinarily received, and well understood sense."--p.4. This is followed by 9 letters to Stuart on original sin and native depravity, in which Dana objects to Stuart's views and terminology. View more info

Millennium: An Essay Read to the General Convention of New-Hampshire, June 1853.


Price: $55.00

Publisher: Hanover, [NH], Dartmouth Press,: 1854 1854

Item Number: 16132

"LORD, NATHAN. The Millennium: An Essay Read to the General Convention of New-Hampshire, June 1853. By Nathan Lord, President of Dartmouth College. Dartmouth Press, Hanover. 1854. Octavo. $55.00 Disbound pamphlet, side-stitched, light tanning of pages, a few light foxing spots. Collation: 4 unsigned leaves, 94, 3-74. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-56pp. Nathan Lord (1792-1870) Congregational clergyman and president of Dartmouth College. He was pastor of the Congregational Church in Amherst, NH for 12 years before taking the position of president of Dartmouth College in 1828... View more info

Letter to the Rev. Noah Porter, D.D. Pastor of the Cong. Church, Farmington, Con. on the Statements of the Christian Spectator. In Reference to Dr. Bellamy's Doctrines. From No. XV of Views in Theology, for Nov. 1834.


Price: $75.00

Publisher: New-York:, John P. Haven, 148 Nassau-Street, American Tract Society's House.: 1834

Item Number: 17055

Condition: Disbound pamphlet, side-stitched, light foxing. Collation: 1-64, 71. Pagination: (1) title, (1) blank, [3]-40pp. Amer. Imprints 34-27108 (CTSoP; GDecCT; ICN; MH-AH; OO.). OCLC locates only NY Hist. Soc.; Yale U.; & U. Mich. Clements Lib.

Henry Philip Tappan (1805-1881) clergyman, philosopher, first president of the University of Michigan. "He began his publication in 1839 with his Review of Edwards's 'Inquiry into the Freedom of the Will.' This was followed in 1840 by his Doctrine of the Will Determined by an Appeal to Consciousness and in 1841 by his Doctrine of the Will Applied to Moral Agency and Responsibility. Though he shows the influence of Victor Cousin, the famous eclectic French philosopher of the time, yet there are touches of genuine originality in his handling of the problems..."--Dict. of Amer. Biog., XVIII:30... View more info