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Remarks on the Reverend Mr. Emmons's Dissertation on the Scriptural Qualifications for Admission and Access to the Christian Sacraments and on his Strictures on a Discourse Concerning the Church. By Moses Hemmenway, D.D. Pastor of a Congregational Church in Wells. I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Psalm cxx.7.


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Publisher: Printed at the Apollo Press in Boston,, By Belknap and Hall, Sold by them; by Hudson and Goodwin, Hartford; Isaac Beers, New-Haven; Bennet Wheeler, Providence; Leonard Worcester, Worcester; Edmund M. Blunt, Newburyport; John Melcker, Portsmouth; and by Waiit and George, Portland.: MDCCXCIV. [1794] 1794

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"Our pamphlet represents the continuation of a pamphlet controversy that began 30 years earlier with Jonathan Mayhew's work. Mayhew (1720-1766) who had rejected the Trinitarian view as early and 1755 and adopted the doctrine of free will, stood on the opposite side of the controversy of the stricter Calvinistic Congregationalists such as Hopkins and Emmons. Moses Hemmenway (1735-1811) Congregational minister for 50 years in Wells, Maine. He was converted under the preaching of Whitefield, attended Harvard with John Adams with whom he maintained a life long correspondence. ""H... View more info