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Summula Caietani, S. Xisti, Cardinalis Illustrissimo, ordinis Prædicatorum. Per auam Docta, Compendiose resoluta, atque secundum S. Sancti Oecumenici, & Generalis Concilij Tridentini, & canones, & capita castigatissima. Additis (vt vocant) Summarijs, & copiosa rerum præcipuarum Indice. [woodcut device]


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Publisher: Venetiis,, Apud Dominicum Farreum.: MDLXXXIIII. [1584] 1584

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"Thomas Cajetan (Tommaso de Vio Cajetan, 1469-1534) Dominican cardinal, philosopher, theologian and exegete. ""As General of his order (1508-18), Cardinal (1517), and Bishop of Gaeta (1519) he played an important part in ecclesiastical affairs, urging the cause of reform before the fathers of the Lateran Council of 1512, reasoning with Luther in 1518, contributing to the elections of the Emp. Charles V (1519) and the Pope Hadrian VI (1522) and opposing the projected divorce of Henry VIII (1430)...In philosophy and theology his acute but conservative Commentary on St. Thomas's 'Sum... View more info