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Opera Quaecumque Extant. Provdevnt nvnc Primvm Studio Joannis Garnerii Societatis Jesu Presbyteri, Qui Notas etiam ac Dissertationes addidit. [12x12cm engraved device bordered by a snake eating its tail, two egrets fighting over a small snake and below a rural countryside]


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Publisher: Parisiis,, Apud Sebastianum Mabre-Cramoisy, Regis Typographum, viâ Jacobæâ, sub Ciconiis. M.DC.LXXIII. Cum Privilegio Regis Christianissimi.: [1673] 1673

Item Number: 17087

"Marius Mercator (fl. 418-449) ""A Latin Christian writer, probably of African birth. A friend and disciple of St. Augustine, he wrote c.418 at Rome against Pelagius. Some ten years later, when in Constantinople, perhaps as the agent of Pope Celestine (422-432) he again wrote in defence of orthodoxy this time attacking both Nestorians and Pelagians. A collection of his writings, compiled about 100 years after his time, has survived in a Vatican MS. (Cod. Vat. Pal. 234). It consists largely of Mercator's translations of and replies to Nestorius's writings, made (acc. to E. Schwa... View more info