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History of the Church Under the Old Testament, From the Creation of the World: Wherein Also The Affairs and Learning of Heathen Nations before the Birth of Christ, and the State of the Jews from the Babylonish Captivity to the present Time are particularly considered. To which is subjoined, A Discourse to promote the Conversion of the Jews to Christianity. By Mr. Robert Millar Minister of the Gospel in Paisley.


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Publisher: Edinburgh,, Printed by Mr. Thomas and Walter Ruddimans,: M.D.CC.XXX. [1730] 1730

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"Robert Millar, 1672-1752, ""apologist and historian... Millar was the author of two essays in historical apologetics, A History of the Propagation of Christianity (2 vols, E, 1723) and A History of the Church under the Old Testament (E, 1730). In both, as an apologetic argument against the natural religion of the English deists, Millar attempted to demonstrate the course of providence in history by means of a chronology ordered and reinterpreted theologically. Millar's progressivist philosophy of history, derived from French and English Calvinist apologetics, is most apparent in... View more info