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"The End, as Foretold in Daniel; with an Exposition of Some Numbers, and The Chronology of the Hebrew Scriptures. By Redford A. Watkinson. ""Quench not the Spirit: Despise not prophesyings: Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.""--Paul, 1 Thes. v. 19-21."


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Publisher: New York:, C.S. Westcott & Co., Printers, No. 79 John Street.: 1865 (c1865). 1865

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"Redford Ashfield Watkinson, died June 9, 1876, was married to a Laura Ferris Gaul in New York City and appears to have lived his life in the city and thereabouts and according to his preface was apparently not clergy. ""But Daniel and Ezekiel had open vision. The future history of the world is portrayed in pictures, and we are taught practically, what Jesus preached when he came, that there is no limit to the power of righteous man in prayer, as Daniel by his perseverance received all the knowledge he prayed for, and overcame the world and its dangers. We trace throughout this ... View more info