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"Aunt Effie: or, The Pious Widow and Her Infidel Brother. By Daniel Wise, Author of ""Guide to the Saviour,"" ""Path of Live,"" ""Young Man's Counsellor,"" Etc."


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Publisher: New-York:, Published by Carlton & Phillips. Sunday-School Union, 200 Mulberry-Street.: 1855 1855

Item Number: 17799

"Daniel Wise (1813-1898) New England Methodist minister, anti-slavery advocate, secretary of the Sunday School Union of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He published are large number of books over the years including religious works, biographies and stories for young people. Jones: Guide to the Holiness Movement #7275. Wise state in his Preface: ""The widow whose trials are recorded in these pages was well known to the writer. He had the pleasure of aiding her to escape from her hour of thickest gloom; and of witnessing the ripeness of her piety toward the end of her life. In wr... View more info