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"A Collection Of Several Philosophical Writings of Dr. Henry More Fellow of Christ's Colledge in Cambridge. As Namely, His Antidote against Atheism. Appendix to the said Antidote. Enthusiasmus Triumphatus. Letters to Des-Cartes, &c. Immortality of the Soul. Conjectura Cabbalistica. [The words ""Antidote... Cabbalistica.' are gathered by a left brace on the title page.] The second Edition more correct and much enlarged. [8 lines: two quotes in Greek from Aristotles Ethics] "


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Publisher: London,, Printed by James Flesher, for William Morden, Book-seller in Cambridge,: MDCLXII. [1662]. 1662

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"Henry More, (1614-1687) ""English philosopher, one of the foremost representatives of the school of Cambridge Platonists. His writings emphasized the mystical and theosophic phases of that philosophy, and as he grew older mysticism dominated his writings. Newton studied under him, and his concept of space and time as ""the sense organs of God"" greatly influenced Newton's theory of absolute space and time.""--""More, Henry."" The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.. 2014. 4 Mar. 2015 . ""I... View more info