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An Attempt Towards Recovering an Account of the Numbers and Sufferings of the Clergy of the Church of England, Heads of Colleges, Fellows, Scholars, &c. who were Sequester'd, Harras'd, &c. in the late Times of the Grand Rebellion: Occasion'd by the Ninth Chapter (now the Second Volume) of Dr. Calamy's Abridgment of the Life of Mr. Baxter. Together with an Examination of That Chapter. By John Walker, M.A. Rector of St. Mary's the More in Exeter, and some time Fellow of Exeter-College in Oxford. [15 lines quotes, Matt. vii.5, and Bp. Bramhall against Baxt.]


Price: $350.00

Publisher: London,, Printed by W.S. for J. Nicholson, R. Knaplock, R. Wilkin, B. Tooke, D. Midwinter, and B. Cowse.: MDCCXIV [1714]. Folio 1714

Item Number: 17933

"Quotes from title page which describe the sentiments of this book: ""Thou Hypocrite, first cast out the Beam out of thine own Eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the Mote out of the Brother's Eye. Matt. vii.5."" ""Let Mr. Baxter sum up into one Catalogue all the Nonconformists throughout the Kingdom of England, ever since the Beginning of the Reformation, who have been Cast aside, or Driven away....I dare abate him all the rest of the Kingdom, and only exhibit the Martyrologies of London and the Two Universities; or a List of those, who in these Late... View more info