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A careful and strict Inquiry into The modern prevailing Notions of that Freedom of the Will, Which is supposed to be essential to Moral Agency, Virtue and Vice, Reward and Punishment, Praise and Blame. By Jonathan Edwards, A.M. Rom. ix. 16. It is not of him that willeth--- The Third Edition.


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Publisher: London:, Printed for J. Johnson, No 8, in Pater-noster-Row. M.DCC.LXVIII.: 1768 1768

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"This work revealed Edwards ""as the first great philosophic intelligence in American history. The work shows his debt to Locke but also a profound originality, logical acumen, and critical discrimination in the use of terms. Its purpose was to maintain the dogmas of absolute divine sovereignty and unconditional predestination against Arminian objections found especially in Whitby's Six Discourses (1710).""--Dict. Amer. Biography, 1937, VI:36. ""The most important text Edwards wrote in the Stockbridge years, and the one often used to mark his place in the histor... View more info