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"Sinnes Overthrow: or, A Godly and Learned Treatise of Mortification: Wherein Is excellently handled; First, the generall Doctrine of Mortification: and then particularly, how to Mortifie Fornication. Vncleannesse. Evill Concupiscence. Inordinate Affection. And Covetousnesse. All being the substance of severall Sermons upon Colos. 3.5. Mortifie therefore your members, &c. Delivered By that late faithful Preacher, and worthie Instrument of Gods glorie, Iohn Preston, Doctour in Divinitie, Chaplin in Ordinarie to his Majestie, Mast of Emanuell Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes Preacher of Lincolns Inne. The fourth Edition, corrected. [The words ""fornication.... covetousnesse."" are gathered by a left brace on title page. ] Bound with: Preston, John. A Liveless Life: Or, Mans Spirituall death in Sinne. Wherein is both learnedly and profitably handled these foure Doctrines The Spiritual Death in Sinne. The Doctrine of Humiliation. Mercy to be found in Christ. Continuance in sinne, dangerous. Being the substance of several Sermons upon Ephes. 2.1,2,3. Whereunto is annexed a profitable Sermon at Lincolnes Inne, On Gen XXII.XIV. Delivered by that late faithfull Preacher, and worthy Instrument of Gods glory, Iohn Preston, Dr. in Divinity, Chaplaine in Ordinary to his Majesty, Master of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge, and sometimes Preach of Lincolnes Inne. The Fourth Edition. London, Printed by G. M. for Andrew Crooke, 1641."

By: Preston, John.

Price: $600.00

Publisher: London,, Printed by Richard Badger for Andrew Crooke.: 1641 1641

Item Number: 17998

"John Preston (1587-1628) Puritan, a vigorous defender of Calvinism. As a preacher he attracted great attention, ""the brilliant John Preston, whose sermons were preached to the most influential people in the realm and in printed form became household literature in many a home.""--Stoeffler: Rise Evangelical Pietism, p.75. ""In 1622 he was appointed preacher of Lincoln's Inn, and subsequently lecturer in Trinity Church, Cambridge. He became so celebrated as a speaker that the towns-people went to his lectures on week-days as they would to his sermons on Sunday, a... View more info